11 September 2013


Day 6 of some of the collections shown at New York Fashion Week on Tuesday 10th.

I loved Jenny Packman's collection today.Many of the pieces featured small intricate detailing which really added something extra to the look to create soft yet interesting designs. Most of the pieces featured a higher neckline, which we've seen at quite a few shows this season. One of my favourite pieces from this collection was a floor length blue baby blue dress (shown above, center) which had a interested cut out design which had an overlay of a sheer fabric. The whole of the dress then had rows of embellishments that added an extra detail that really suited the dress. Many of the looks in this collection would be perfect for more formal events.
Hairstyle - The hair was big, textured and voluminous. Set it large bouncy curls with a lot of texture, the hair was place into a side parting. The hair at the front was clipped back with a small dainty clip. The hairstyle suited the look of the collection well and suited the glamorous feel of the collection.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs collection featured a few pieces that were created using a metallic coloured, silky looking material. Some of the shapes of the pieces were repeated, such as the jumpsuit, but styled in the various colour palettes or patterns. The looks were quite formal with the items such as jackets and jumpsuits being slightly more over sized than fitted. The shapes of the pieces were kept simple in design and it was the designs on the fabrics that create a bolder look. The main colours used were blacks/greys and whites.
Hairstyle - The hair was placed into a center parting and kept sleek at the roots. The rest of the hairstyle was kept simple with a bit a bit of texture and a slight wave rather than being kept sleek. Some of the outfit looks contained small neck ties which were used to hold the hair around at the neck.

I've always liked the majority of collections and pieces that Oscar de la Renta has shown previously and this year was no exception. I really enjoyed the looks that were shown. Some of the main design of dresses were fitted at the top and then went into a fuller skirt at the bottom that hit just above the knee. This style of dress was repeated a couple of times but shown in a variety of different pattern.
One of the main colours shown was white by different detailing techniques were used for variety such as small cut outs of a sheerer fabric with lace detailing. A favourite piece of this collection for me was a long white dress with a cropped top half to it and then a full length skirt portion (pictured above, second from right). It looked amazing down the catwalk and the subtle embellishment on the top portion really made it stand out.
Hairstyle - Placed in a center parting the hair was styled in to an up do. The whole look was kept sleek with the hair being set tightly pulled back. The look as kept clean and suited the formal style of the collection it was paired with.

Vera Wang's collection contained an variety of different colour choices and layering techniques. The colour choices and different fabrics used, created an interesting collection with a large amount of variety to it. The shapes were kept fairly simple in their design with the outfits having a looser fit to them. Many of the designs featured a more layered style where a sheerer fabric was placed over the top to add detail and an extra layer to the pieces. The majority of the pieces contained high necklines with the hems on many of the dresses and skirts hitting below the knee.
Hairstyle - The hair for this collection was actually hidden underneath a fabric cap to completely contain it all.

Sass & Bride was a show I've head of before but haven't actually watched. I enjoyed the show and although it was shorter than others, many of the pieces that came down the catwalk really caught my eye. On a couple of the pieces there was interesting detailing on the tops of the dresses which really help to add something extra to the dress and make the looks really interesting. This intricate detailing helped to added definition and create shape to many of the dresses and create a unique and varied look amongst the pieces. As well as the rope style detailing large roses were also sewn onto some of the dresses which also create shape to the designs.
Hairstyle - Set in a center parting the hair was styled into a sleek long pony tail that was kept neat and clean. There were not fly aways from the look which kept the whole look very simple.

My favourite collection from today was Jenny Packman. I loved the whole look of the show from the clothes to the hair and I really liked the whole collection. A lot of white was seen again to day as well as a few shows featuring the metallic colours which we've seen previously.

I hope you enjoyed this post today so please do let me know your thoughts! Make sure to check out the coverage of the shows live here and check out Style.com and the Mercerdes Benz Fashion Week website to keep up to date with everything that's going on.

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*Photographs via Style.com,