10 September 2013


Day 5 of some of the collections shown at New York Fashion Week on Monday 9th.

The Tommy Hilfiger collection had a very beachy feel to it which is probably why the set in which the runway took place was set as  a wooden broad walk on a beach. Many of the pieces created look as if they had been styled and created from a wet suit looking material. Even the zips reminded me of a wet suit as they were chunky and a main detail rather than being there for functionality purposes. One of the main colours used was blue with some outfits featuring more than one shade of the colour. The overall feel of the collection was more casual wear than smart but some pieces could be worn for a variety of occasions and styled differently to allow a different feel/look to be created.
Hairstyle - This hairstyle was kept simple and clean. The hair was loosely styled into beachy waves with a bit of texture. It was then placed into a middle parting with one section of the hair being tucked behind an ear and the rest moving over the shoulder.
Phillip Lim's collection was one of my favourites of the day. The main reason it stood out to me was the interesting use of patterns create and how they added shape and definition to some of the outfits. The main pattern, which look very much like agate slices, contained swirling patterns and different shades of the same colour. I really liked the way it was used to added something additional and more interesting to the pieces. The other interesting fabric was a material which looked very much like rusted metal but the underneath colour was more of a duo-chrome finish. The pieces show were more smart than casual, with their being shirts, more fitted (than loose) trousers and jackets with a more structured finish in them. There were lots of pieces that really interested me in this collection and I loved the overall look and feel of it.
Hairstyle - This was the most usual hairstyle that I saw today. The hair was styled into a side parting when the front portion was slicked across the front with wet look gel. The majority of  the rest of the hair was kept back with strands falling down to create a messier look.

Pamella Roland's collection contained some interesting shapes that worked well to create interesting designs.
A variety of colours were used to help create shape to the outfits. It contained many pieces which I feel could be worn straight away, which was many of the dresses. The shapes of the dresses were kept quite simply in their style but with a more interesting style of pattern added. Many of the pieces contained a section that was looser as well as one that was more fitted. This variation in fit create pieces that look very nice together and it varied well throughout the collection. I really liked the jackets featured as the cuts fitted well and could easily be worn with a variety of different outfits.
Hairstyle - The hair was an up-do with a lot of height create at the top, forming a beehive shape. Rather than the hair going into a bun, the height was kept at the top before going into a sleek pony tail. The parting was off center with a piece of hair create a fringe to give shape to the front of the style.

Reem Acra was the most formal collection that I watched on this day. The collection was dresses ranging in a number of different styles and shapes. Although the overall shapes of the dresses were fairly simple the patterns and styles on the dresses themselves created really interesting looks. Some of the more extravagant dresses featured full skirts which were slightly sheerer. The main neck line created was high with normally no sleeves on the dresses. The lengths were kept long and it had a smarter feel to the collection. Many pieces contained cut out details somewhere or had a sheerer finish to create different sections to the dresses.
Hairstyle - This was another usual hairstyle seen today but, I liked the contrast it provided with the outfits. The hair looked to be crimped/tightly curled to create lots of volume and texture. It was split into a center parting. As a large portion of the hair was quiet crazy and voluminous the roots were kept slick and flat, with the curls start about an inch/two inches down.

Caroline Herrera created looks that were smart and sophisticated. Many of the pieces had a good structure to them and fitted the models well. One of my favourite pieces (pictured above, second from the left) looked like a dress but I think may have possibly been more of an extravagant coat. Although not all of these pieces could be worn straight off a catwalk there were a few (such as jackets or some of the more casual dresses) that could be. Other pieces may be suited more for formal events or even on places such as the red carpet.
Hairstyle - The hair was style into a center parting with the front section being pinned back with a slight twist. The rest of the hair was placed into a high bun with the hair tightly against the head. The overall look was kept clean and very neat with no flyaways or pieces falling around the face of the model.

My favourite collection from the day was Phillip Lim. I loved the patterns used and thought they really added something interesting to the designs. I also really liked the majority of the collection and there were lots of pieces in it that caught my eye.In terms of colours and trends that have been popping up a lot over the last few days, metallic fabrics were back as well as whites. There were also a few collections featuring lots of pieces using blue. Oranges were also seen in couple of fashion shows.

I hope you enjoyed this post today so please do let me know your thoughts! Make sure to check out the coverage of the shows live here and check out Style.com and the Mercerdes Benz Fashion Week website to keep up to date with everything that's going on.

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*Photographs via Style.com,

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