17 September 2013


Day 4 of some of the collections shown at London Fashion Week on Monday 16th.

Much like with Mulberry, season after season I find my self waiting eagerly to see what Burberry has to offer. And this season like many others, I was not disappointed with what they showed for their Spring/Summer collection. There was a wide variety of pieces which were suitable for both of the upcoming seasons. I really liked the colour palette used with the show starting off with a variety of pastel shades. Moving away from the pastels we started to see to see more subtle colours after look 16, where we were introduced to a mens outfit before moving into 7 woman's outfits that were composed of greys, whites and blacks. The colour pallete then moved back to pastels but brighter than those we had previously seen at the beginning of this collection. Many of the pieces were created using a lace fabric.with it being quite sheer for many of the pieces. The dresses were made to fit tightly to the models body with many of the coats featured being looser and a more fluid design. The most interesting pieces of this collection were the last five outfits to be shown. They featured embellished crystals details in a large circle across the pieces. The lace fabric then reflected this pattern as the embellishment became the center pieces and the fabric worked around that.
Hairstyle - The hair was kept extremely simple in a straighter design but with a some texture to it. This texture suited the look well rather than the hair being super glossy and sleek.

Christopher Kane's caught my eye from the first piece. I really loved the featured tear drop patterns, which were used in a variety of different ways to really add detail to the designs. From afar they look more like a fabric, where as when you zoom in on the images from the show you can see that they are actually plastic. This also really helped shape the dresses and designs, meaning that the style held itself well. I preferred the first half of this collection more, with the use of the tear drop shapes to add something really unusual to the designs. I found the other pieces to be slightly more casual and nothing really stood out to be from the second half of this collection. One material that was featured that was a really interesting design, was a metallic material that also really stood out on the catwalk. One of the more interesting pieces using this material was a dress where the top half looked fairly like a jacket and then the bottom section was a pleated skirt that cinched in at the hip area before faning out to knee length (above, second from left).
Hairstyle - The hair was styled into a center parting with the hairstyle is self being kept fairly basic and simple. There was a small bit of texture in the mid sections of the hair but the rest was kept fairly sleek.

Peter Pilotto is one of two designers I'd previously unheard of before this day of fashion week began. The patterns on these dresses were amazing. Whether it was a more geometric design (seen second from left) or a floral design there were plenty of interesting patterns that really caught my eye in this collection. My favourite pattern created for this collection was one that looked like different colours marbling together. This can be seen on a dress worn by Cara Delevingne (above, center) when this pattern was on a sheerer fabric which was then layed over a white fabric underneath which really made this pattern stand out. The cuts and styles of these designs were more unusual to the other collections we've seen today. The circle skirts were fuller and longer with a nice big shape to them. The shirts and jackets were also really structured with big sleeves with rolled up cuffs that really worked well with the over sized, loose feel of the pieces.
Hairstyle - This hairstyle was kept fairly simple with the hair being set into a center parting. The front two pieces on either side then swept down to add shape at the front. The rest of the hair was then kept fairly basic with it being able to move freely as the model moved down the catwalk.

Roksanda Ilincic is another designer I'd never heard of before. What caught my eye whilst browsing through various collections from this day was the use of the colour yellow throughout the collection. It was hard not to notice the bright colours of these pieces, as they went down the catwalk. Pattern was used well in this collection to add dimension to these pieces. The cuts used, on the whole, were kept fairly basic which is where the patterns when then used to add more detail and something extra to these designs. The patterns were geometric inspired with triangles being a main feature. The skirts moved really nicely as the models moved down the catwalk, with pieces being light and flowing really well. With the bottom sections of these outfits being a slightly looser fit, the top halves were a more fitter and structured designs. With high necklines and a higher waistline on the skirts and bottom pieces, it was all proportioned well to give an overall nice look to this collection.
Hairstyle - The hair was placed in a center parting before being pulled back into an up-do. The hair was kept really sleek at the roots with it being styled to avoid flyaways. It was then styled at the back with an abstract bow design that matched the geometric pattern of the clothes.

Erdem's collection had a lot of sheer fabrics with in it that allowed interesting designs to show underneath. The cuts were fairly basic shapes but, where this collection really worked was in the fabric and detailing that were used. One of my favourite pieces from the this collection was an almost bomber jacket cut that has sheer sleeves and a more solid body (picture above, second from right). This simple black design had a symmetrical floral pattern over the top which create a very pretty design. Florals were also used in the lacing that made up some of other pieces. This can be seen in pieces such as in trousers or underneath a sheer top to add layering and extra detail. Many of these pieces wouldn't really be able to worn in an everyday situation but some may have worked better for red carpet events.
Hairstyle - The hair style was fairly simple but had a slight edge to it that created an interesting look. Styled into an up to the hair was given a wet look finish. The front portion of the hair was then swept across and pinned to create a fringe and style at the front of the head, whilst the rest of the style was kept fairly basic.

My favourite collection of the day has to be Burberry. The coats were just beautiful and although the sheerer skirts weren't for everyday wear the coats definitely would be. Not only was the collection itself beautiful but also the setting and set up of it looked amazing as well. The falling petals at the end of the show looked beautiful as the finale happened and all the models returned to the catwalk. Metallics, pastels and brights were all see again today with white also featuring heavily in many collections.

I hope you enjoyed this post today so please do let me know your thoughts! Make sure to check out the coverage of the shows as some and steaming live and check out Style.com and the London Fashion Week website to keep up to date with everything that's going on.

Thanks for reading!
*Photographs via Style.com and London Fashion Week


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