12 September 2013


Day 7 of some of the collections shown at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday 11th.

Micheal Kors was the collection of the day for me today. The designs were feminine and elegant with there eing a nice flow for the designs. The fabrics were kept light and moved well on the catwalk. The colours used were fairly muted with nothing being to bright or bold. The colours suited the designs of the dresses really well and kept the elegeant look to the pieces. There was a mixture of smarter and more casual pieces shown. Although some of the pieces may be suited more to the winter months (such as the thicker cardigan shown above, second from left) coming up now, when these pieces are made avaliable it'll will more than likely still be cold from the winter in the new year. This means that the cardigans will still be able to be worn, so it was nice to see a collection that catered for the colder Spring months.
Hairstyle - The hairstyle was a more casual looser up do which I feel suited the overall look of the collection. With a just of center parting the hair was styled into a loose bun with pieces flowing loosely.

Narciso Rodriguez showed a collection with many pieces being elegant more formal dresses. The actual shapes of the dresses were kept fairly simple with no shape being to over the top or complicated. The embellishments was stunning and really added to the details on the dresses. I really liked the sheerer panels to some of the dresses as they suited the designs of the dresses well. The fabrics used worked well and allowed the designs to flow and move nicely down the catwalk.
Hairstyle - The hair was in a deep side part, with one side of the hair falling down the back whilst the other fell over the shoulder. It was styled into hair that had a bit of texture and clean sleek roots. Added within the hair were pieces of material to create texture and add a more creative look to the hair. The look was kept and neat, which worked well with the collection.

Nanette Lepore has created a collection that was slightly more casual and a more daytime look compared to other designs we have seen in some other collections, shown on the catwalk today. Although many of the designs had some basic muted colours to them, there were definitely pieces where the colours popped. Bright blues and oranges were used to add bursts of colour throughout the show and worked really nicely with the more muted and neutral colours that were also seen. A bright blue was a used to create detail on a number of designs, such as the dress and skirt shown above, which really worked well to add an usual twist to a simple outfit silhouette. This was a collection where many of the designs could be worn straight off the catwalk.
Hairstyle - The hair was kept incredibly simple but worked well with the designs and there was nothing to over the top with them.

Narciso Rodriguez collection was overall a simple collection with many pieces being able to be worn straight from the catwalk show. As the show progressed we straight to see more complicated elements to the designs with different folds to the styles and a layering of different fabrics to add another dimension to the dresses. The shirts were kept shorter and more structured, where as some of the dresses had a longer back made from a lighter material which floated and moved nicely as the model move down the catwalk. The top halves of the outfits were kept mainly basic as well with simple high necklines with a small rounded collar.
Hairstyle - The look was kept sleek with straighten hair and a deep side parting. There was barely any volume of texture to the hair. The ends were kept smooth with fly aways kept to a minimum.

ICB. The pieces starting the collection off were all white numbers which may have meant that it was set to be an all white collection. However, as the collection progressed we were slowly introduced to more and more colours. Many of the dresses has usual shapes and waistlines to them, but I really liked the look they gave. The overall shape of the dress was kept loose with no pieces being tight to the body. One main shape of dress used had a loose fitting top before going into a drop waist. This dropped waist line mean that the skirt portion of the dress looked significantly shorter than the top half, but I think this worked well for this collection. Different patterns and colours were used for paneling to create a illusion of shape to the dress that the actual dress hadn't.
Haistyle - The hair was split into center parting and was style with a bit of texture. Two front pieces of either side of the head were pinned back, with the rest of the hair moving freely.

The collection of the day for me was by Michael Kors. I loved the whole collection and feel that it would work really well in the Spring/Summer time. There was great balance of different pieces that could be worn for a variety of occasions. I also really loved the fact some heavier fabrics were used to create jackets and cardigans that will still be needed in the early weeks of Spring. An overall great collection that really grabbed my attention. Metallics, blues and whites all made another appearance today which may mean we start to see similar colours appearing in our Spring/Summer wear next year.

I hope you enjoyed this post today so please do let me know your thoughts! Make sure to check out the coverage of the shows live here and check out Style.com and the Mercerdes Benz Fashion Week website to keep up to date with everything that's going on.

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*Photographs via Style.com,

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