25 September 2013


This is the final post in a series about some of my favourite collections, shown this season, at Milan Fashion Week. You can check them all out here.

This collection by Fausto Puglisi was one of my favourite collections that really stood out to me from the entire week. I loved everything about it from the clothes to the hair. The designer used pieces of leather to add accents to some of the designs whether it was in a bralet, belt or even jacket form. The colours were kept bright and bold with a mainly monochrome base to the outfits. The main reason I really enjoyed this collection was because of the shapes and cuts the designer had used. I really liked the fuller skater style skirts that were used as well as the full length skirts. One of my favourite pieces from this collection was a monochrome dress with a skater skirt and a basic t-shirt cut to top half (above, center). I really liked the choice of pattern chosen with the cut of the dress as it really drew in my eye and just worked really well as a whole piece. This collection really did have a lot of pieces that could be worn straight from the catwalk. The mix of jackets, skirts and dresses provided a nice amount of variety which are perfect for the upcoming Spring/Summer months.

The colours used at the the Giorgio Armani collection really attracted my eye. The colours were rich jeweled tone colours which were different to other collections which have previously shown more pastels and cool toned shades. The clothes had a really luxurious look to them with the fabrics looing silky and rich. It was a more tailored collection to many we've seen this week but this worked so well with the colour palette that had been chosen. The looks were kept feminine with dresses being a main featured with the tailored jackets over the top. The corresponding jackets of the main dresses really added to the designs as the pattern either complemented the pieces or even on some the pattern was carried through to the jacket (above, center).

Missoni every season creates interesting and visually appealing patterns that always attract the eye. This year was no exception. With bright bold colours add a pop and detail to an otherwise monochrome outfit this collection from Missoni really stood out. The colours were used in a variety of ways and in different patterns. One of the most interesting things about this collection was the use of the colour to really alter the look of the outfits shown. The shape were kept fairly simple with a basic shift dress shape being used for many of the pieces. The outfits were kept loose with little definition to the silhouette of the model. An overall really interesting and eye catching collection but one that may not be one to wear straight from the catwalk.

I hope you enjoyed this post today so please do let me know your thoughts! Make sure to check out the coverage of the shows as some and steaming live and check out Style.com

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*Photographs via Style.com

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