08 September 2013


Day 3 of some of the collections shown at New York Fashion Week on Saturday 7th.
The overall feel Jill Stuart's collection to me had a somewhat grungy feel to it. The majority of the colours were simple greys/blacks and silvers.The shapes that were featured were all quite basic in their overall shape and gave a basic silhouette. The collection was a more dressed up collection to others on the day as many of the pieces weren't as formal as others we have previously seen. A few of the pieces also had cut out designs with turned an overall simple shape into something that looked a bit more interesting and different.
Hairstyle - Textured and placed in a simple middle parting the hair much like the collection itself had a grungier feeling to it with the hair having a lot of texture and being more unstructured than other shows we have seen so far this week.
Rebbecca Taylor's collection was one of my favourites from the days. I loved the colours used as the main colour was a muted bluey grey which look nice and subtle. Many of the pieces were suitable for everyday wear such as the blazers and sweaters shown. The jackets were some of my favourite pieces which the look being slightly more oversized whilst still looking put together and smart. There were also subtle floral patterns shown which added to the outfits without overpowering them and making them look to dramatic. The overall feel was feminine and gentle with some tailoring and more relaxed pieces added in to create some variety amongst the collection.
Hairstyle - The hair was parted to the side and textured with loose waves and some subtle volume at the roots. The hair and make up had a grungier look compared to the softer colours used in the clothes but I think it provided a nice contrast. 

The Ruffian show had an overall more girly feel to it with quite a few pieces being soft and feminine.  Necklines were kept higher with a few collars involved as well to add detail to the tops of these outfits. The floral pattern show was a softer consisting of browns/taupes with a base of navy blue. As well as florals, metallics also played a part in the collection with a peachy metallic making some of the bottom halves of the outfits. The metallic colours were kept soft, such as the baby blue used, which I think tied in really nicely with the overall feminine feel of the collection.
Hairstyle - Set in a deep side parting the hair was tucked behind the ear on one side with the other moving freely. The loose side was a nice structured wave and create a nice movement as the model walked down the catwalk.

Christian Siriano showed what was the brightest coloured collection I saw from the shows I watched from day 3 of fashion week. The main colours were vibrant reds and oranges which really stood out. Even on pieces which had a more subtle pattern or texture such as above (second and fourth from the left) the colours can still clearly been showing through. The large dresses were really nice designs and there was a nice mix of smarter and more casual pieces shown.
Hairstyle - The hair was all scrapped back into a tight sleek pony, with all the hair kept completely off the face. This look suited the show as many of the clothes made quite an impact so it was good to keep the hair simplier to not distract from it. 

Overall the pieces shown at the Lacoste show were quite subtle pieces which were kept simple. The colours were mainly muted with soft browns/taupes and blues making a large portion of the collection. There were a variety of textures in the collection from softer look fabric to a t shirt and skirt duo which looked to be made from a tweed fabric (pictured above, far right).
Hairstyle - To make the simplistic feel of the collection the hair was kept basic as well. With a subtle wave through the hair and a center parting, the hair suited the collection by being kept unstructured in terms of the simple hairstyle but put together as the look felt sleek rather than being textured and messy.

My favourite shows from this day of fashion were the Ruffian collection and also Rebecca Taylor's collection. There were many pieces there that I would definitely wear on a day to day basic and some of the jackets I have seen were lovely. The simplistic yet still girly collections were really something I enjoyed from the shows on this day.  In terms of colours/trends being shown, metallics made an apperance in a couple of shows as well as pastel/subtle blues also featuring. White was still present in many a collection even when used subtly within a wider range of brighter colours.

I hope you enjoyed this post today so please do let me know your thoughts! Make sure to check out the coverage of the shows live here and check out Style.com and the Mercerdes Benz Fashion Week website to keep up to date with everything that's going on.

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*Photographs via Style.com.

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