30 September 2013


The first in a series of posts showing some of my favourite collections from across Paris Fashion Week.

Christian Dior really made a collection that covered many bases. With 76 looks there was a lot to take in. Dress created the majority of the collection, with their silhouettes being kept pretty simple. The
High necklines were a theme throughout the collection, featuring on many of the dresses and suits shown. As well as the dresses, suits were also featured. The suits were kept simple and tailored well. It was classic and elegant look. Monochrome was back again but was also accompanied by brighter colours and pastels. The suits were kept just in black to keep that sleek and sophisticated shape to them. Towards the end a bold metallic patterned material, with over 15 pieces containing this fabric. The pieces used the fabric in a number of ways, whether it was a full dress or being used for the a top half occupying a simple black trouser.

Issey Miyake showed a collection that had a lovlely balance and a variety of pieces. Black and white featured heavily, with only a few pieces actually mixing the two colours together in the same outfit. Some of the pieces featured an interesting ombre print to them whilst others showed a number of colours in a more graphic print (above, second from left). This pattern was shown in both the bright colours, as well as being shown in varying tones of grey. The fabrics were, overall, kept soft and floaty. This could especially be seen in the looser fitting dresses, where the fabric really moved well. There was a mix of smarter pieces, in the monochrome theme, and the more casual pieces which used softer neutral colours as well as the more graphic print. Overall, it was a lovely collection that wasn't too bold or harsh and just worked really well.

Vanessa Bruno was a collection that really stood out in terms of colours and patterns to me. The cuts of the clothes were kept pretty basic so it was definitely down to the patterns and colours used to really make this collection stand out. This definitely happened. The prints were bold and graphic, where the colours really stood out. There was a mix of colours used as well from bright blues to oranges and one of this seasons favourite colours, white, making an appearance. The cut of the pieces were kept slightly looser and many moved well down the catwalk. The shorter, above the knee, hemlines of the pieces were balanced out well with the top half featuring a high neckline.

Viktor and Rolf created a collection that was smart and uniformed whilst still having some fun and interesting pieces within it. I loved the preppy tailored look to the pieces and thought it offered something a bit different to other collections we've seen this so far this fashion week. The shapes were mainly kept tailored and fitted. The colour palette was kept quite basic throughout wit grey, white and navy colours being used. I really liked the hair style created for this collection. There was a little bit of height at the front with the hair being scraped back and tucked behind the ears. Much like the clothes, the hair was kept sleek and uniformed. There were a number of pieces with interesting cut out details or patterns which worked well with the overall smart and uniformed them of the collection.
Nina Ricci has been one of my favourite collections that I've seen so far this Paris Fashion Week. The whole collection was just beautiful with some really pretty pieces in it. The colours were kept neutral and soft. Oatmeal, white and pastels all made appearances and worked extremely well with the shapes and styles that had been created. Some of my favourite pieces from this collection were an oatmeal Spring coat (above, center) and an a pale, pastel blue, length dress with frills running down the center (above, far right). The whole collection felt perfect for Spring/Summer and there were so many outfits that just hit the right note. The cuts of the pieces themselves were kept fairly simple, with extra details being added by layering and using different textures on the clothes.

I hope you enjoyed this post today so please do let me know your thoughts! Make sure to check out the coverage of the shows as some and steaming live and check out Style.com

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*Photographs via Style.com


  1. Love the look of Vanessa Bruno's collection! xo

    1. It's got so many cool patterns to it, it definitly stood out to me! xx