24 September 2013


This is the second, in a series of posts showing some of my favourite collections from Milan Fashion Week.

Tod's is a brand one like many this season, which I'd previously unheard of but is now one that I think will make sure to check back to in some other seasons. This was a collection that caught my eye mainly due to the more unusual shapes and also the interesting look to fabrics that were used for some of the pieces. The cuts of the pieces were kept boxy and oversized in the their appearance. The colour palette was kept fairly simple with the main colour standing out being a deep rich red. White was a also used for many of the pieces with different cut outs being used to create depth and show detail amongst the pieces. One of the most interesting detail was used on a number of pieces (above, middle and second from right) where the fabric had lots of time squares all cut out. From a distance this really created an interesting extra to the designs that featured it.

The pieces in the Bottega Veneta collection were definitely some of the more dramatic pieces I have seen during Milan Fashion Week. he tones of colour were quite rich and deep with there being plummy purples as well as some deep blues. The collection featured lots of pieces that had added detail. One of the dresses (picture above, far left) had a really interesting design using the fabric to create added texture. The finish of the dress almost had a crepe paper look to it that looked amazing with the cut of the dress. This style of rouching and pulling the fabric together was also used on quite a number of other designs. It worked really well by using the fabric that the dress was made from rather than added an extra layer on top/ It kept the look simple but added some really definition and density to the pieces that were create using this technique.

The Gabriele Colangelo collection really caught my eye this season. After the severe straight across eye make up dress me in to the designer, the clothes really interested me. The thing that stood out for about this collection the most was the interesting use of using different types of fabrics within the same outfit to really added a different dimension to the designs. One of my favourite pieces from this collection, was a white dress which a really pretty lace fabric as part of its design (above, far left). I also really liked, not just the mixing of the different fabrics, but also the interesting used of colours used within the designs. The overall colour palette was kept quite basic with monochrome mainly being use, but also deep blues and lighter creams were also added in. Silky and semi matte fabrics were used for some pieces in the collection which again, really helped with adding variety amongst the pieces. The main fit of the collection was kept quite loose rather than being fitted to the model.

Jil Sander is a designer I'll always keep an eye out whenever fashion week time rolls around. I love the cuts and styles that are shown and a large portion of many of the collections that she shows are able to worn straight from the catwalk. There was a mix of lengths throughout the pieces and a well structured balance with pieces within certain outfits. The pieces were kept quite tailored and structured in their appearance which gave a  smart yet still feminine look to the collection. The colours were kept quite basic and muted with earthier tones of blues and greens compared to some of the brighter jewel toned colours we've seen from other collections this week. The lengths of the dresses were kept around the knee which again aided in the overall more formal feeling of this collection. Although the shapes and kept were kept structured some of the fabrics used were moved well. This could especially be seen in the dresses, where the skirt portion of the dress moved well as the model went down the catwalk.

Luisa Beccaria showed a collection of pretty feminine pieces that had an interesting mixture of colours and detailing that really made some of the designs stand out. The colours used were a mix of pastel shades and more vibrant colours. The pastels added to the feminine feel of the collection and kept a softness to the pieces in which they were used. Some of the other colours were brighter and more jeweled toned. The pieces moved really nicely as they went down the catwalk and there was a very floaty feel to this collection.The fabrics used look to be quite light and airy which worked nicely with the cut of the designs. A higher empire waist was used for the many of the pieces which worked well with the lengths of the hem lines. Detail was also used quite a lot in this collection. Whether it was a cut out form or embellished detail the designer mixed textures really well to add definition and an added depth the pieces.

Alberta Ferrettis has bar far been one of my favourite collections shown at Milan Fashion Week this season. I loved literally this whole collection and thought the pieces were so pretty. From the cuts to the details this collection really stood out. The underlying colours used in this collection were whites and blacks with also red playing a role. The main colours for many of the pieces came in the detail. Multi-coloured flowers of shapes and design were used to add interesting patterns and enhance aspects of the pieces. The fabrics were kept floaty and the overall look of the collection was very feminine. One of my favourite pieces was a outfit which may have been a whole dress or I think was a layered jacket pieces (above, far right). The detail on the jacket was amazing and really added definition to the the design. The cut of the jacket was also flattering and tailored well as it cinched in at the waist before flaring out. This collection had something different for every piece that came down the catwalk and Alberta Ferrettis is a designer that has quickly been added to my list of shows to look out for at the next fashion weeks.

I hope you enjoyed this post today so please do let me know your thoughts! Make sure to check out the coverage of the shows as some and steaming live and check out Style.com

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*Photographs via Style.com

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