23 September 2013


The first in a series of posts showing some of my favourite collections from across Milan Fashion Week.
Armani has probably been one of my favourite collections so far this week. The colours were mainly lighter and paler shades which worked well with the cuts and styles that had been created for this collection. There was a nice mix of floatier pieces and some more structured pieces, such as the jackets. The dresses came in a variety of cuts and styles, yet all kept the same floaty and feminie appearance. Some of the fabrics used were chiffons and silks which really helped keep the collection nice and airy and they worked nicely as the model moved down the catwalk. Another thing that really interested me about this collection was the hair. The way it was styled was almost like the hair was still be prepped for the show and they stylist hadn't taken it out yet. This method of styled would typically create huge voluminous curls, giving the hair a lot of texture and height. Instead the hair was set into this position and although unusual, I think it actually worked quite well with collection.

Etro was a designer I had previously unheard of before Milan Fashion Week had begun this year. The collection mainly consisted of bright and bold prints with some more basic cuts and styles to the outfits. The prints in this collection really stood out, consisting of bright oranges, blues and yellows. Apart from the bright colours there were also other patterns on show. A pattern on a silkly looking fabric really stood out as well, although the colours on this fabric weren't as bold. The main mix of colours for these pieces were more muted coppery tones and browns, with the occasional pop of a brighter blue running through to add some detail. I really liked the overall cuts used in this collection with the tops being kept quite look but still having an overall structured look. The waists on the pieces were kept high and this worked well with the looser fitting t-shirt top halves.

The main colour used at the Iceberg show was bright whites. I really liked the simplicity of many of the pieces from this collection and most of them were pieces that were genuinely ready to wear. Although the collection mainly consisted of white pieces, there were a couple of pops of other colours to add some interest and variety to an otherwise blank canvas. One of the other main colours used was a bright yellow. I think this worked really well with the white as it made both of the colours brighter. The shapes and styles of the pieces were kept quite structured and simple with the shorts having a tailored yet look fit. One of my favourite pieces was a white dress made from a sheerer material where the underneath layer was a bright cobalt blue (above, far left). This colour looked amazing underneath the sheerer top layer and you could still the details that were on the blue dress underneath.

The pieces in the Emilio Pucci collection were kept a lot more figure hugging and body con compared to other pieces that have been shown during this fashion week. Some of the pieces featured a strapless design whilst others had a basic scoop neck or t shirt shape to the top halves. Apart from a couple of pieces the lengths of the dresses were kept above the knee and fitted all the way down. In terms of the colours used there was quite a few pieces with the monochrome trend still showing. There were however, many pieces that showed brighter pops of colour and a wider variety of colours being used. Belts were part of some of the main features in this collection, cinching in at the waist and adding definition to the designs. The belts themselves worked well to add detail as well as functionality.

Just Cavalli was all about bright colours that popped and stood out as the pieces moved down the catwalk. The main colours were bright oranges and purples, but there were also pieces that showed off blues and greens as well. The bright colours on some of the pieces were contrasted to more monochrome sections of the outfits to make the colours really stand out and make an impact. The shapes were kept mainly quite figure hugging with the trousers being being structured and tight fitting. There was mix of lengths on show but the balance between the pieces in an outfit worked very well. If there was a higher hemline that unusual then this would be balanced out nicely with a piece that had a higher neckline. Some of the pieces kept a longer length on both the top half and the bottom, whilst some other pieces had a cropped top half mixed with a longer bottom.
One of the other larger collections that has been shown towards the beginning of this fashion week was Dolce & Gabbana. Although showing one of the larger collection there was still a lot of variety within in the collection so something new was always coming down the catwalk to keep the attention of the audience. Some of my favourite pieces so far, have been shown in this collection. Although many of the main colours were kept slightly more muted and earthy such as a the browns and taupes there was plenty of colour on offer. One of the main colours was a bright red. Whether this was the background to a patterned piece of showing on it's own the reds looked really nice with the earthier colours and also the gold tones that some of the pieces had to them. Not only was there a variety of colours there was also a wide range of textures, shapes and cuts on offer. The collection had a good mix of length to really keep interest in the pieces shown.

I hope you enjoyed this post today so please do let me know your thoughts! Make sure to check out the coverage of the shows as some and steaming live and check out Style.com

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*Photographs via Style.com

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