06 September 2013


So New York Fashion Week has officially begun and I've selected 5 shows from the first day to show you in this first post. 

BCBGMAXAZRIA didn't ring a bell when I saw the name on the schedule for fashion week but after checking the previous collections it was swiftly jotted down to make sure I watched the show. I really enjoyed this collection. The majority of fabrics were floaty and really moved well as the model was walking. A large portion of the collection were things that I would actually want to wear.
Hairstyle - I feel the hair really suited the collection and it was very relaxed with a small wave/curl running through it. The models were giving a centre parting and it doesn't look like a huge amount of product was used which allowed the hair to move freely, much like the clothing.
Richard Chai's collection contained more fitted pieces compared to BXGBMAXMAZRIA. Stripes were also one of the main themes featured with varying thickness in the spaces between the colour stripes. The other main pattern used were patterns of a variety of greens creating an almost palm leave/jungle pattern on some of the pieces. The shapes were overall fairly simple with a mixture of cropped topped with high necks and shirts being shown. The trousers were kept loose, as were the skirts, which for me helped create a more relaxed look but paired with the top half, outfits that look very sleek.
Hairstyle - A center part was created with the hair slicked down at the roots and tucked behind the ears to create a sleek look. The rest of the hair was fairly relaxed with the length falling down behind the head. The hair suited the more fitted clothing featured and helped keep the attention on the clothes as that hair was kept to the back and not covering the designs.
Some of my favourite outfits from the day were shown in this collection by Tadashi Shoji. The collection completely consisted of dresses. This colours featured in this show were my main favourites of the day with mainly blues and some darker shades such as a grey being used. Many of the pieces were more fitted at the top before hitting the waistline and becoming looser.
Hairstyle - A deeper side parting was creating with curls added to the hair to create texture and volume at the root. I really like the more glamorous and put together look of the curls which I think went very nicely with the outfits shown.

Marissa Webb's collection was a pleasure to watch and I love the whole styling of the pieces from the hair to the shoes. Many of the top halves of the outfits were fitted and smart, with quite a few pieces showing shirts. Some of my favourite pieces included a long sleeved black dress (featured above middle) with a beautiful pattern concentrated to the center. I also loved the shirt underneath and tie and it gave the whole dress a very nice smart look.
Hairstyle - Featuring a heavy side part, the hair was brought all to one side of the head. It had some texture at the roots with some shine still in the waves/curls that were relaxed towards the ends of the hair. It was clipped out the face of the models but the rest of it was allowed to move freely and wasn't restricted to behind the shoulder.

I really liked this collection by Candela. It was the first time I had heard of this designer and I enjoyed the show. My favourite pieces were those that featured the fine lacing or cut out detail as it helped to create more texture in the clothes and I feel really suited the shapes and designs chosen. There were a lot of pieces that could easily be worn straight away and would suit a number of occasions.
Hairstyle - Updo were used in this collection to fully show off the designs featured. Due there being quite a few high necks featured the up do meant that the full detail of the design could still be seen clearly. Each hairstyle was based around a basic bun up do but a lot of the styling at the front complement the outfit worn by each model well.

I really enjoyed the shows that were featured on the first day and I found a lot of designers I was previously unaware of. One of the main colours I noticed was white which featured heavily in quite a few shows across the whole day, so I think that again white may be a main colour for next Spring/Summer.

I hope you enjoyed this post let me know your thoughts below! Have you checked out any of the NYFW coverage? You can watch live the majority of the shows live here as well as checking out what the rest of the website has to offer.
*Photographs via Style.com. and Mercerdes Benz Fashion Week


  1. I really like how you put the images together! I never keep up with New York Fashion Week, but I think I will now! I love the Tadashi Shoji pieces!

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

    1. Thank you very much! :D Overall that collection definitely had some of my favourite pieces from the first day!