16 September 2013


Day 3 of some of the collections shown at London Fashion Week on Sunday 15th.

Mulberry. Let's just start by saying that this year, pretty much every other year, I am in love with the bags they showed and now I seriously wish to have one for my own. Year after year Mulberry pull it out the bag (no pun intended!) when it comes to creating the perfect bags for the next season. Whether it was a clutch or the newly designed Willow with added embroidery, they wasn't one bag that didn't keep the attention of anyone watching. Now onto the clothes, in classic Mulberry style the clothes were just as eye catching as the bags. My favourite piece from the collection was a coat and short combination (above, left) where the pattern look so pretty on the cut of the outfit chosen. There was a nice mix of fabrics and textures used to create a good variation among the pieces in this collection. Whilst some pieces were of a thicker quilted material there was also a nice use of sheerer fabrics on some other pieces. I really liked the overall feel and way in which this collection moved and it's always exciting to see what happens in the next Mulberry show.
Hairstyle - The hair was styled into a deep side parting with the roots having a lot of shine to them. The rest of the hair had a loose, less unstructured, styled to it. Instead of the hair falling over the shoulders at the front, it was pushed behind the shoulders instead allowing all the main details of the clothes to show through.

Temperley London always have eye catching designs as this season they delivered again. The collection's colour palette mainly consisted of purples and pinks, creating really feminine and pretty designs. The pattern choice was really interesting and caught the eye of the audience. The interesting use of the patterns really worked with the more simplistic cut of some of the dresses. One of the more interesting patterns was featured on a simple knee length dress, with 3/4 length sleeves (pictured above second from left), and was a brickwork looking top. It used a dark purple, seen throughout many of the designs, with a lighter pink floral pattern layed over some parts of this brickwork background. I really loved the mixture of colours and cuts used in this collection, and feel like it all worked really well together and brought together it was all a really lovely collection.
Hairstyle - Styled into an up-do, this was one of the hairstyles that really caught my eye from the day. There was a lot of height to the pony tail but it was kept clean without being styled to be slicked down.

Paul Smith's collection was a more simple but well designed collection with lots of pieces that could were ready to wear straight off the catwalk.There was a nice balance of pieces that would be suited for each season, which meant that this collection worked well as a whole. There were also a good balance of lengths used for the bottom halves of the outfits with a good mixture of long trousers and shorts. I really liked the striped pattern that was featured in a few pieces across the collection. White was used quite nicely whether it was an all white outfit or using the white as a main piece with a different colour added over the top to create a pattern. One of the pieces that used a different colour as an accent was (pictured above, second from right) an all white shirt with a sheer background. This sheerer background had an over lay of a dogs tooth pattern with more solid pieces of white fabric. It was then accented with a reverse L-shape of pink dogdooth. I think this worked really well to add something extra to a simple design.
Hairstyle - The hairstyle was kept simple, by being long and sleek and then styled into a center parting. The was a little bit of wave added to give the hair a bit more texture, but overall it was a neat and sleek design.

After last year's Topshop Unique show I was excited to see what this year had to offer. I loved it. There was a perfect mix of lots of pieces that were actually wearable straight from the catwalk. My favourite pieces from this collection was probably a dark forest green trench coat (above, second from left). Some designer may forget to incorporate key pieces for the colder Spring months, and head straight to clothes for Summer, but Topshop has definitely catered for that. The coat looks a lovely cut and style and will be a  perfect essential for the typical, chillier Spring week we have in England. In terms of the rest of the collection I really liked the patterns that are used. Although some of the colours may seem slightly to dark for perhaps the Summer months, I definitely think that many of the colours, fabrics and textures used will be perfect for the Spring time. My other favourite piece was a simple cut dress with a small detailed pattern on it (above, left). It looks like a really nice length and cut.
Hairstyle - The hair was kept almost on the grungier side with rugged beachy waves.The hair was styled into a side parting with the front hair piece mainly be styled and pushed back. I feel it really suited the look of the collection as although it was a bit grungier it was still well put together without being too wild.

I really liked pretty much all the pieces from all the collections that I've highlighted today. There were darker colours featured today such as Topshop and Paul Smith but also brighter colours of orange like we saw at Mulberry. Like we've seen in many shows from fashion week collections so far this season, white was another colour that really stood out. Whether it was an all white dress of a underlying colour with a brighter colour on top, white was very much one of the key colours used.

I hope you enjoyed this post today so please do let me know your thoughts! Make sure to check out the coverage of the shows as some and steaming live and check out Style.com and the London Fashion Week website to keep up to date with everything that's going on.

Thanks for reading!
*Photographs via Style.com and London Fashion Week

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