18 September 2013


Day 5 of some of the collections shown at London Fashion Week on Tuesday 17th.

Simone Rocha went for a monochrome theme with many of the pieces being one solid colour. The skirts were of an interesting cut and design with a fuller skirt and cinched in waist to create shape and volume. The necklines of the top portions of the outfits were kept high with the skirt lengths hitting around knee length. Small details were added to many of the pieces including circle embroidery on both socks as well as necklines. This added details worked well with the overall design but didn't detract from the pieces as a whole. The overall feel of the collection was a smart and neat design. Although some of them were a bit more adventurous than traditional designs and cuts, many of them would work well in some everyday wardrobe collections.
Hairstyle - A simple top knot high on top of the head was the hairstyle chosen by Simone Rocha today. I think it worked really well as it was simple but, the messy texture of the bun gave it a bit more of an edge rather than being like a classic ballerina style. 

Thomas Tait was a collection where the majority of pieces were an all white affair. The cuts created were, on the whole, quite boxy skimming over the shape of the body and leaving a shapeless finish. Rather than being a solid white colour throughout every piece, there were a number of times where a hint of other colours could be seen on the catwalk. The details to the pieces tended to be added by using a variety of brighter colours such as as yellows and greens. These worked well in enhancing the designs, but still allowed the clean and fresh looks that the whites were showing. The shoes used in this collection were kept simple and basic with all the models wearing the same colour and design.
Hairstyle - The hair was slicked into a severe center parting which was kept precise. The rest of the hair was kept sleek, tucked behind the ears and kept away from the face. 

Maria Grachvogel's collection was very floaty and elegant. The pieces were made from light breezy fabrics that floated well on the catwalk. The pieces were mainly kept long and floor length with the occasional shorter piece hitting above the knee. As well as the floaty bottom halves draping the fabrics was also another way this designer added detail to the designs. The drapping worked well with the overall softer feel to the pieces. The colours were kept fairly natural with stoney, soft greys being used as well as variety of pastel colours, perfect for the Spring season. It wasn't just one block colour being used on these pieces, a fabric which looked like water marbling was also created. This looked very interesting on a number of designs as it was kept in a monochrome colour palette. Many of the fabrics were a lot lighter and sheerer than other collections seen this past week. 
Hairstyle - The hair was styled and set into curls with lots of volume and texture to them. The hair was then parted into a side parting with the front section being swept across and pinned back. This front section was kept very sleek and flat to the head which contrasted nicely with the overall messier hairstyle.

My favourite collection from today was the Simone Rocha one. I really liked the interesting cuts and styles that were shown and it was an overall appealing collection. It was a collection that caught my eye and drew me in to the collection as a whole. White was all over the Thomas Tait catwalk and I think white will be back next season. With many of the white pieces this season, they contained small colorful details that were noticeable but still subtle as to not over power the whole of the design.

I hope you enjoyed this post today so please do let me know your thoughts! Make sure to check out the coverage of the shows as some and steaming live and check out Style.com and the London Fashion Week website to keep up to date with everything that's going on.

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*Photographs via Style.com and London Fashion Week

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