13 September 2013


Two collections from the final and 8th day of New York Fashion Week, on Thursday 12th September.

Watching the Ralph Lauren show, it looked set to be an all monochrome affair until we saw the 26th look and that all changed. The next 15 looks where jam packed with bright colours. Ralph Lauren used bright greens, oranges, blues and yellows to showcase his looks and each colour was a kept as bright as a the previous. Another colour from this section was a bright red which appeared two more times towards the end of the show. After the brights section, the black and whites had separated and were being used as separate colours for the end designs. Although the bright colours worked well on the catwalk, I think they would be hard to transition into everyday life as the pieces were so vibrant. One of the main shape designs was a shift dress which appeared multiple times throughout the catwalk show in a variety of colours and patterns.As well as the dresses coats were also featured, which although not perfect for the summer months, they'll be ideal for those chillier weeks in Spring.
Hairstyle - The hair was kept basic with a slight off center parting and the rest of the hair being kept really sleek and neat. The hair was then styled to fall over the shoulders, whether on one side or both sides of the body.

We started the Calvin Klein collection by seeing a few white pieces with some having a tiny bit of brighter detailing. We then started to see other colours such as pastel toned reds and blues before going into a brighter green. The show than transitioned into greys, blacks and whites. The look that stood out to me the most was look 14. It was heavy heavy look white canvas with bright colours running in a pin stripe design down the coat. Coming to the end of the show fringing starting to coming in with the three last looks having heavy fringing. The shapes were kept pretty basic with the fabrics being kept looser and floating more compared to some of the other shows we have seen this week. The looks were kept incredibly minimal with the only only really detailing and added design, being the fringing. An overall nice collection that had plenty of pieces that could easily be worn off the catwalk setting.
Hairstyle - Similar to hair to that of which we saw at Ralph Lauren, the hair at this show was kept sleek and simple. Instead of falling over the shoulders the hair was tucked behind the ears and fell down the back of the model.

That's it for New York Fashion Week for this year! I hope you enjoyed my posts on them (you can check them all out here) and I'd love to know if you watched any shows, what your favourite collections were. Check out Style.com and the Mercerdes Benz Fashion Week website to relive all the looks and collections from the past week and you can also check out the MB Fashion week Instagram for behind the scenes photographs.

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*Photographs via Style.com,

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