09 September 2013


Day 4 of some of the collections shown at New York Fashion Week on Sunday 8th.

This was the first collection that I've actually properly seen from Victoria Beckham and I liked it! It was overall simple shapes and style which helped make the pieces quite classic and more everyday wearable. Although the majoirty of pieces were kept plain, some had a geometric print on them. This print added something to the outft without overpowering it and as it was a simply designed one it didn't look garish. The colours were mainly darker shades with a bit of a brighter pink in there as well.
Hairstyle - The hair was scrapped tightly back into in to a long high pony tail. This went with the look of the collection as it was very classic and simple. As there were quite a few high necklines it meant it didn't detract from the clothing as it was pulled off the face and back.

The most interesting look I've seen from the day was a texture looking material seen in this Diane Von Furstenburg collection. The fabric used look very much like cork which added a really interesting detail when used in some pieces. The colours used were overall soft with nothing being too overpowering and bold. I really liked the cuts of the dresses and there were a variety of styles there. Some of the dresses had more shape to them than others but it was very nice to see the variety there rather than them all being the same shape.
Hairstyle - The hair was in loose bouncy waves with a glossy finish to them. It was separated into a middle parting with the hair falling down the back rather than across the front of the clothes. It was an overall quite minimal and relaxed look.

I loved this collection by Lela Rose. I liked pretty much the entire collection. 
The dresses had a really nice detail to them with they being some small delicate cut out details to a few pieces. The added details worked really well and added something to the outfits rather than overpowering them and looking too much. As an overall collection it was more formal wear but some of the pieces could be used in a more smart/casual environment  One of my favourite pieces was a coat which would be perfect for those chillier days in Spring (picture above, far right).
Hairstyle - The hair was in a center parting before being styled into two low buns either side near towards the nape of the neck. The buns were full of textured, but in contrast to that the parting and top of the head was kept very sleek and flat.

My second favourite collection today was this collection by Calla. The colours were a lot brighter than other shows seen today. I loved the looks that featured a blue almost camouflage patter (seen above, first and second from right). The cuts of the clothes would be really flattering for a variety of body shapes and a lot of pieces I would wear straight of the catwalk. There was a nice mix of more formal wear such as the tailored blazer and trouser pieces as well as the more relaxed ones, such as the sweater and more casual dresses.
Hairstyle - This was my favourite hairstyle of the day. The models had a deep side part which them went into either a single fish tail plait or two seperate ones. The plaits had a lot of texture in them and I really liked the look they had. Added to the braids were some strips of thick yarn plaited in with really added intersting and linked all the hairstyles and outfits together nicely.

The DKNY collection was filled with nicely designed, more simple, pieces with many that could be worn from the catwalk. There was a more sporty/casual vibe compared to some other shows seen this day. The shapes were of a more basic design as well as the colours being slightly less bold (apart from the brighter few pieces where cobalt blue and a brighter coral were used). The cuts used for the jackets were a lot more over sized and look rather than being more tailored and structured like we've seen at other shows today.
Hairstyle - The hair was in a deep side parting before then being styled into a sleek high pony tail. It was styled at the front to come over the shoulder on one side of the model. This hairstyle added to my view of it being more a sport/casual idea to the collection as it was sleek and kept out of the way and under control.

Today my favourite show was by Lela Rose. I loved the overall looks of the collection shown and also liked the colour palette with the different shades of blues. The coat with the more pattern detailing on (shown above) was definitely one of my favourite pieces and looks like a really nice coat for the spring time. In terms of colours today, white and brights were noticed across many shows especially the brighter reds and oranges. There was also quite a bit of blue as well, whether it was a baby blue or the more cobalt blue seen down at DKNY.

I hope you enjoyed this post today so please do let me know your thoughts! Make sure to check out the coverage of the shows live here and check out Style.com and the Mercerdes Benz Fashion Week website to keep up to date with everything that's going on.

Thanks for reading!
*Photographs via Style.com.

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